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We are barely 6 days into the much anticipated year-2015 and here we are! Back into business as usual. Offices which were closed for the Xmas and New year break have all opened up, fully back into business, transportation companies are having a sweet time charging exorbitant fares because the demand for their services are really high.. Really high indeed. Just as the year unfolds gradually into weeks, from weeks into months I bet there are some things worth being grateful for.

Welcome To 2015

Good health,

No matter what your health conditions are, I congratulate us for being able to triumphantly move into another year, Yes! This year promises to be another memorable year that will usher in the forth coming general elections. What are you grateful for? I am grateful to God that the trigger happy hands of the men of the underworld didn’t get at me, I am grateful because all through 2014 I never had health related issues other than the normal flu and cold. I’m grateful that I have a good job, amazing pick of friends, a home to call mine, and a lord who delivers his benefits to me daily.

Irrespective of your religious affiliation, belief or mindset, I believe that no religion practices ungratefulness.. That would be the lowest ebb of moral failure. Health is wealth remember? Appreciate yourself, eat healthily and exercise more.This should be a goal not a wish list, lest I forget, learn to resist the cravings for those food items that could cause you to gain additional mass of unwanted weight.

Welcome Back

If not for anything, this greeting should trend on twitter sometime in this month of January, Why? You may ask.. Because it is for now, the most popular form of expression used in various pleasantries across various strata of human relationships. People who see you coming back from long distant travels are always eager to usher in your presence with #WelcomeBack. Yeah.. It’s another welcome back to the daily hustling and bustling life of various cities across Nigeria; From Asaba to Uyo, Lagos to Minna, Zuba to Warri, Port Harcourt to Lafia, Bomadi to Benin.

Share Your Holiday Memories

“Pictures are worth a thousand words so goes a popular cliché. You can’t afford to have all those mind blowing moments of laughter, weird jokes, and family moments spent during the holidays be it in the Village, outside Naija  and not even think of sharing it’. It won’t be fair .. Feel free to share those wonderful moments and let others know that there is beauty in meeting and getting to reconnect with old folks. Akpomiemie “life is sweet!

I take the lead.

Weddings! Weddings! Weddings!!!

Below,  are some of the precious moments I had during the Christmas and New Year period.I salute the courage of my friends and classmates who took their chosen brides to the altar. Special shout out goes to Nnamdi Onyeaghala, Emmanuel Oseghale, Charles Ogbenna, Tamunoigoni Randolph Adie, Nneka Omojafor , Chukwudumebi Ukperegbu and other wonderful friends I got reconnected with way back home. I couldn’t have been more happier than sharing  those moments of joy and happiness seeing my friends and close family members get married to enabling themselves live a fulfilled marital life…

Travelling to Asaba to witness the wedding ceremony of Cyril & Chidinma made my day anyways.. I took enough time to relax in my home state of Delta…#FlexinMode

                            Mr & Mrs Tamunoigoni Adie

                                 Adie & Mercy

                            Nneka & Husband..

                    The Couple & Family Members

Nnamdi & Oge

Nnamdi & Oge Nkwonta-Onyeahgala

                             Mr & Mrs Oseghale

                                                Happy Couple

                  Mr & Mrs Charles Ogbenna

               Charlie & Wife

Charles, Azeez (In Black Bowler Hat), Caleb (Far Left) & Some Friends

                    Mr & Mrs Chukwudumebi Ukperegbu

                             Isoken & Tope

                          Mr & Mrs Christopher Nwokoro

Awwww and my dearest sister Chidinma Machie & Cyril Anoka..

                           Mr  & Mrs Cyril Anoka

                            Mr & Mrs Onyeka P. Ubanatu.

Congrats all


Just like yesterday when Emeka was joined in holy Union with his hearthrob Onyekachi, one would have expected them to follow suit in the conventional way of getting married on Monday and having a baby on Tuesday as it is commonly done in Nigeria. Theirs wasn’t so, they took their time to seek the face of God for a child and approximately 3 years after, here comes the babe!

         Mr & Mrs Emeka Mgbemena

                               Emeka, Onyekachi & Zoe

Emeka has been more than a friend, he is a brother, someone you  can count on, his wedding ceremony at Ikeja proved this right.Even at his wedding, he personally made sure his alumni and school pals, had the best of “item 7” oooshey!….

Erhmm” when a child is born, everyone congratulates the mother, yea! I know why, but na the papa do the job shaa.. and na the mama deliver the package….in other words..

Papi planted the seed.. Mami watered and incubated… God delivered!!!

Personally, I shall call the child…Chidiuto… God is sweet…For the bible  said “ Taste and see that the lord is good! Gbam….

Alright. Got to go know,we ‘ll chat more , later guys, Bye! Cheers!