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Unless I’m not correct, it seems fellow Nigerians do not pay attention to the intrinsic details of the factors that are going to affect the outcome of the forthcoming election.Contrary to public opinions that our politicians are disciplined and people oriented, an empirical proof around the city of Lagos has once again proved to me that the present crop of people aspiring to be voted into their various offices of interest lack due respect for the environment, lack respect for the laws of the land and are ever desperate to spare no sacred cow till their quest for ‘PAWA’ is achieved.

Don’t Mess With Lagos

Yesterday, the president of this great nation-Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan was in town, He was at the Tafawa Balewa Square Onikan, Lagos Island where the PDP grand event was held. Meanwhile on Wednesday, the Officers of the Nigerian Police Headquarters Zone 2 Onikan Extension exit, took their time to deny commuters and lawful citizens their right to go through the Onikan round about linking King George V road and Awolowo road in Ikoyi. Reason? That Mr. President was around, they virtually stopped vehicles coming in from the Victoria Island end of Ahmadu Bello Way, those coming in from the Marina using the overhead bridge emptying into Awolowo road and ,those coming in from Race Course were also not spared the hassles of the endless chaos of Lagos traffic!. It wasn’t a good omen of the good’ that President Jonathan is still promising.

On a separate note, while the PDP folks were busy campaigning, some APC stalwarts took the time to abuse the “NO POSTER” rule ,a legacy ascribed to Governor Raji Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and enforced by Lagos State Advertising Agency.(LASAA). They went beneath the overhead bridge connecting outer Marina linking Obalende and pasted what I could call, the worst ‘debranding message” of the integrity of President Jonathan. The message was self appealing to the public to the extent that popular graphic images that has been circulating on social media were used. This message aims and making the citizens dwell on self pity for themselves and their future should they give their votes to the President Jonathan. The message was clear. If you want a better future away from the daily depressing and sad news you hear, vote for CHANGE.The media team at the APC end of the Presidential campaign team are really thinking outside the box. But will the Presidential aspirant carry these young team of creative people along if he wins?

On the other hand, I have no problem with people campaigning but where I do see as a blind spot in the character of these political aspirants is in the issue of having utter disregard for a simple law enacted and enforced by the state government

Posters Around Ahmadu Bello Way Close To Onikan Extension Exit

If during campaigns, you break the laws  that says you must not paste posters around lagos, what then becomes of you should  you assume the office? people see these things and keep mute but a sensitive person will sense danger ahead.

              Awolowo Road

From Oshodi-Apapa Expressway down to Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, to Obalende, Mushin, Akesan, Ilasa,Victoria Island, and  Bariga, the streets of Lagos has once again been left colourless. Lagos has been defaced, she has been stripped naked and I wonder who would come and clothe her again.The beauty that once characterized the urban legacy of Nigeria’s economic strength has been swept off, going around the city, the unruly precedence of pasting posters as against the norm by political aspirants is worrisome . This act is frustrating the efforts of Governor Fashola and it is obvious that their actions goes contrary to the mandate of LASAA. Honestly such actions do not deserve an ovation.

                               Even On Top Of An Overhead Bridge

At Ikeja, close to Computer village, the entire stretch of the motor park popularly called ‘under bridge’ is not a sight to behold.The concrete columns used in sustaining the strength of the over head bridge has been ‘coloured’. A sort of ‘ wall paper ‘ effect. The authorities should do something about this.

Regrets Only

Politicians are meant to portray some measure of democratic maturity and not go about the place calling names and casting aspersions on the personality of political opponents.

                                Awolowo Road Opp. Federal Civil Servants Relaxation Spot

Obviously, some people are ‘Messing with Lagos and it high time they are called to order.

See For Yourself.

                                                  Defaced Walls Along Awolowo Road.


                    Even On The Pavement


Defaced Walls Along Ozumba Mbadiwe Street In VI