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Writing this piece has been one of the biggest schedules I’ve looked forward to doing this year. It has been laid upon my heart all these while to share my gratitude to God and to my friends (maybe ) for keeping me alive and for procuring victory for me in my lowest ebb, those moments when you become so dried up emotionally and psychologically that nothing makes meaning to you anymore.


Testimony time is almost one of those big moments in the church when a sister or a brother stands up to testify some of the things God has done- lets cal it supernatural intervention in some mysterious ways unless timed as has become the custom and practice of some Churches mainly on the Island, some brothers and sisters would begin to narrate, if not careful share some minute and inconsequential details into the Biafran history! To curtail these reckless verbal excesses, some churches deemed it wise as inspired by earlier situations to time the microphone from the IT desk of the church during service.

Away from this caterpillar mindset, we’ve been so wired to think and believe that testimony has to be shared in the church alone, we’ve been made to believe that a testimony has to be grandiose and terrific in nature, we’ve been made to believe that testimonies of being born again are not main testimonies, we value material testimonies in lieu of spiritual rebirth—what a waste. I am tired these days when our human testimonies reflects only the material realities of God’s love and kindness.
I’ve not heard of a testimony about a brother whose soul was saved on Saturday, I long to hear some deep spiritual testimonies of how someone has been interceding for a city , how someone has been planning to take a city for Christ and was led by the holy spirit into conquering that town or city.

So away from the material blemishes of the normal everyday folklore of our fabricated lives, here I am being excited as I have been given the liberty to write, write and write away ‘cos this is what I love to do! Hahaha! Although I have been trained as an Engineer. I guess I knew my calling was that of mixed blessings, I knew at age 9 that I loved writing,yeah scribbling those sacred and human tots on paper and submitting it to my literature teacher.

My Testimony Goes Thus:
I am testifying of God’s goodness in liberating my soul from fear, from the fear of losing my family during my mom’s burial last December, I am grateful to God for keeping my job, for helping to fail at a less fulfilling venture and perhaps making me to stay on course in my true calling, a media evangelist, a change agent and an engineer whose skills are simply awesome.

I am thanking God for using my best friend Uyi Aruya to speak to me, for bringing sweet Aderinsola my way, for using Reuben Enumah to bless me with his words in Isaiah 42. When he (God) promised me that he would make the crooked paths straight.
I am grateful to God for making me a free from debts, from releasing me from the cage of pains, tears and mental captivity. I have been awake most times in the wee hours of the night hoping and asking God when will it come to pass?
Earlier this year, I had my properties seized and some stolen , I had a legal case yet I came out victorious and triumphant.

I am so happy to God for helping me to realize my ministry through my misery for it was in those trying times of my life that I discovered my purpose my BIG WHY and my true journey in life,
For bringing me to the springs of success, Tamuno Imiete, Osanobua obulo, osolobue yemeyeike…. For pushing me out of my comfort zone .. I am grateful.

As corporate enterprises begin to measure their success over the first quarter of the year,I am also measuring mine with this testimony and that is why I’m appreciating God for using Rachel Kerr during her visit to The Waterbrook at Eko Hotel to speak to me.


Just those words that “no matter how much I’ve rehearsed, that when the holy spirit shows up, I should let him have his way” have been imprinted upon the tablets of my heart,
I love you lord and I am appreciating you for the job I am expecting too! . I am happy to break forth away from the mundane lives of the ordinary and for revealing to me how I can move ahead by applying the Joseph’s Principle.

These and many more are my testimonies.Don’t wait for an extraordinary testimony. It does not have to be big and mind-blowing, just the ability to wake up drive to and from the third mainland bridge, through Adekunle, Ikorodu road and finally ending it at Yaba or somewhere at Unilag is enough to appreciate God and to my bestie.. Emeka Gibson Onu…holla!

Like I said these and many more are my testimonies….what is yours? Share it.!!

And Here’s For The Ladies… something special for you this Saturday! Are you ready?