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Plasma Univ 2Plasma University was started as a small institute initially called Plasma Institute of Medical Lab-Science on the 15th of May 2005. On the 2nd of July 2009 Plasma was upgraded into a fully flagged university and re-named Plasma University.

Plasma University is a full member of the Association of African Universities and is located in Mogadishu Somalia.

Its mission is to prepare the next generation of skilled and ethical professionals by providing affordable, high quality education and training appropriate for the context of the nation.

The main Plasma University campus is located in the Hodan District  Mogadishu-Somalia

Plasma celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 15th May 2015.

The Academic year for regular programs at Plasma University operates on a semester system and the academic year is as follows:

  1. February – June
  2. August  – January

Each semester is equal to 16 weeks excluding examination periods. There is also a one-month break…

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