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There are many topics in family life that seems to be controversial. Food and kitchen is one of such topics I find interesting among the old school of thought. This topic evolved out of the need to examine this trend and infuse some suggestions on how a kitchen ought to look like.

It’s Friday after work, social media bees are tweeting TGIF, elsewhere on the Island, folks are getting set for a night out, but back at my neighborhood, there’s a three by three (3×3) basketball challenge. Getting home, I change into my basketball wear and off to the court I go! Quite an exciting time but there’s a problem ahead. What to eat.


Zubi and I, a childhood friends strikes up a conversation bordering on a wedding he’s supposed to attend the following day, somehow, our conversation drives us to a vertice-we’re hungry after so much energy on the court. He suggests we roll to his crib to say hi to his wife and have some dinner together.


We arrive at Zubi’s place and Mrs Wife is on movie mode. She’s viewing a Nigerian series- Husbands of Lagos-she’s laughing uncontrollably when we arrived. After exchanging pleasantries, we announce in unison that we are hungry and what follows is a light conversation focused on Nigeria’s failure to win a gold title at the Rio Olympics. Time begins to count, 20, 30, 45 minutes no food on the dining table yet. Zubi whispers, “Guy I think say na 20 minutes she talk na”, I respond quietly-just chill. He continues, “Na wetin I dey see for this house o! and I ask, but u fit ball in the kitchen tidy this chow na? “With a wild look, Zubi replies me, “na aim be say na war I dey find”. Since we marry, dat kitchen Na no go area for me. That place na her temple. Really? I asked, we look at each other and face the television screen.


The  kitchen has been  the subject of long and complex discussions iin relation to home and family life. Apart from the changing roles of who exerts authority in the Kitchen, it is a nice idea if the homeowner takes time to focus on the design, functionality and well fitted in terms of space.

Rather than bore you with plenty talk, I’ve attached some design ideas you could use for  your kitchen. And finally, my friend Seyi Taylor got me thinking with these quotes of his

“A woman that allows her husband eat outside is opening the door to evil forces to take over her home”

“Your wife must cook your food otherwise you will starve and fail to fulfil your destiny”

“If you eat another woman’s food, you will fall in love with her and that is the beginning of infidelity in your marriage”

Do these quotes mean anything to you? share your thoughts! Gotta run like Usain Bolt. C ya guys.