images (1)Npong Balikawu

Kenya’s Trade, Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources Minister, Ms Samia Omar has resigned from her post over the controversial $204.3billion coal power plant.

Her resignation is a boost to the fight against the use of coal in the energy sector worldwide.

350 Africa’s press release stated that “The imminent irreversible dangers associated with this project placed her in a compromised position, encouraging investment into the project or saving the environment”.

A climate activist at 350 Africa, Prince Papa Omugataya said, “What Ms Samia Omar has done is a big blow to the coal industry, gaining root not only in Kenya but the rest of Africa! She has shown what ethical leadership is. Her move has added weight to the anti-coal movements in Kenya.  We challenge the Lamu County government to follow in the footsteps of Ms Omar. Coal is dirty energy and has to remain underground. Heroes are short…

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