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Nigerian Breweries Plc. and African Artists’ Foundation (AAF) are pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the ninth edition of the National Art Competition, entitled Shifting Boundaries.The call for entries of the National Art Competition began today
Thursday, 25th August 2016.

This year’s theme Shifting Boundaries is an exploration of the porous, situational, and ever changing concept of the boundary through artworks that will discuss and embody what a boundary was, is, and will become in the 21st century. While we most often associate boundaries with geographical bodies and land masses, the term is applicable to many other areas as we begin to think about personal boundaries, symbolic boundaries, boundaries of time and space.

The Internet has also redefined and further influenced our ideas of what constitutes a boundary.Just as well as a boundary keeps things, people, and lands separated it also keeps these bodies together creating unity and community in some situations and havoc and chaos in others.

Shifting Boundaries is a discussion on all of these aspects, and encourages artists and makers of the country to especially question and manifest through their work what a boundary means to them with an emphasis on the shifts, changes, and transformations, that influence the boundaries of our modern world. While a shift or change in boundaries can be as minuscule as a shift in attitude or as devastating as a shift in geographical borders, the inherent root of the issue deals with change and a compliance or resistance that goes along with it.

Often neglected within this discourse is the shifting boundaries within locales.  It has been suggested that we are coming upon the end of Western Civilization, a debate that is suggestive of both the relativeness of what the ‘West’ is and also the conglomeration of a unified, boundaryless, dominant society as opposed to our antiquated and exoticized models of the East and West. Globalization, the Internet, and increasingly powerful communication technology, become key instigators as boundaries change and transform. They play a pivotal role in this cultural phenomenon, as we see distances separated by hundreds of miles converted into media and communicated in just a matter of seconds essentially making a boundary nonexistent. As boundaries rapidly shift and in some instances cease to exist, we also ask the artist to explore the concept in ways that we’ve yet to fathom particularly when exploring the dichotomy of boundaries we can physically realize and see as opposed to those that are conceptual.

The sea in itself being one of the most arduous geographical boundaries to cross but also historically speaking one of the most invaluable vehicles of cultural transmission. We find a similar comparison in the boundaries and limitations imposed by gender, race, and sexuality. Artists are asked to create works that reconcile, deconstruct, and develop the works around the theme Shifting Boundaries that address contemporary world especially as it relates to the nation, state, and society. Are we truly entering a no boundary moment? or are boundaries becoming more closed than ever.

 Interested participants are to propose in writing accompanied with a sketch, a short plan of their interpretation and creative approach to the theme. This year’s competition is open to all mediums.

Applicants will be selected based on their written proposals (50%) and the submitted sketch (50%)

We stress that PROPOSALS ONLY will be accepted.

Completed or existing art works will not be accepted and will disqualify you from the selection process.

Based on the submitted proposals, 12 finalists will be shortlisted and invited to partake in a retreat at an exclusive location which will result in the creation of works to be exhibited at the NAC Grande Finale/Exhibition.

Professor El Anatsui will head the artistic selection committee that will determine the winners this year.

All entries should be sent as a maximum 3 page PDF document (see instructions on how to submit below) along with your:

1. Name – Title First name Middle name SURNAME

2. Date of Birth

3. Present Location

4. Email Address

5. Address

6. Telephone number

7. Medium/Genre

8. Educational background

9. Present occupation

10. How did you learn about the 2016 National Art Competition?


To nac2016@africanartists.org

Grand Prize: N2,000,000 + A solo show at AAF 

Winner Outstanding Concept: N1,000,000

Winner Outstanding Production: N1,000,000

Deadline for Submission of entries: 25 September, 2016

How to Submit

Each proposal should contain 3 pages ONLY with the following information:

A maximum one page pdf document with your education/exhibition history (if any) and a short bio including your name, title first name, middle name and surname, date of birth, present location, email address, telephone number, present occupation, how did you learn about the 2016 National Art Competition?

Max one page pdf document including a written proposal of how you plan to execute the theme Interventions. Kindly include details about your chosen method and medium.

Max one page (A4) sketch (mandatory) illustrating your concept. You may scan it or turn in the hard copy at AAF HQ, 3B Isiola Oyekan, Off Adeleke Adedoyin, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The pdf files should be titled as follows:

[Participant’s LAST NAME] _ [Participant’s FIRST NAME]_document title. pdf