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The current state of affairs in Nigeria is an eye opener that for every choice we make as a nation, there will either be a blessing or a pain attached to it. The Buhari administration has been trying to stir the nation away from sailing toward the wrong direction but alas, things are not the way they used to be. I am however confident that things will eventually get better. E’ go better abi? But one thing that worries me is the attitude displayed by our country men, an attitude of get rich quickly without trying do some mental exercise regarding the dreams and plans that we have.


For example, some Nigerian Pastor won’t talk about how Usain Bolt or Serena Williams put in hours of practice to become the success they are today. These acclaimed gospel preachers will not spend time to counsel the youths to emulate the humanitarian efforts of late Dora Akunyili, and Late Dr.Ameh Adadevoh. They will not talk on how the young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are using technological inventions to reshape our world, how young American scientists are spending countless hours in research for a cure to a disease that’s predominantly in African

Need I mention? What about the literary exploits of Cyprian Ekwensi, SMO Aka and Ifeoma Okoye? What stops these servants of God from motivating and engaging these youths in topics that will drive them from dormancy to activation? Nigeria is watching, history is counting and posterity will be the final judge.

All around of the world, stories are been told of people who have defiled all odds and became successful through hardwork, creativity and dedication.

No! They won’t talk about them neither will they ask their members to emulate the hardworking nature and indomitable spirit of these individuals. The Nigerian Pastor would rather talk about Sister Agatha who got a job she WAS NOT THE MOST QUALIFIED for because she prayed and fasted in line with their church program.

He would rather speak about Brother John who became a millionaire because he used all of his salary as a seed in the church.

How about the magic miracle syndrome? As in the case of a certain Papa Miracle who laid his hands on 3 of his children and they  got admission in the university or a certain Iya  Esther who paid her tithe and her business expanded  everywhere across the nation, with no business plan, just boom, everywhere? Just like that? Of course God works wonders but there’s always a human effort attached to such miracles! You must have done your part either but submission or by supplication.

Assumptions like this on the “uninformed magic making nature” of God has led to a new breed of mentally lazy young people who now see God as a rewarder of mediocrity. Hear me! God is a rewarder of them that DILIGENTLY seek him, God does not reward LAZINESS and INDOLENCE!

To the Nigeria Pastor, Is paying tithes and sowing seeds in the church the only way to prosper? What ever happened to education, talent development, skill acquisition and character development? Who know why these “MOG” will never talk about those who through hardwork and dedication placed themselves on the world map.

Oh no! The Nigerian God only blesses the first 30 people that rushes to the altar to drop N100, 000 as seed offering, for that special project, Pastors birthday and some white elephant project.

The Nigeria God abhors hardwork and creative thinking, He only gives to those who sow seeds and offerings and those who shout “I am a millionaire” every morning and do nothing the rest of the day. It’s a pity that we now have legion of church goers who have conceived the idea that we go to church because we want God to do this and that rather than we can we do to expand the gospel.

Do you want God to come down and help you use the talents He gave you? And also bless you because you are going to church to shout “Daddy I receive it”? No! Please think twice, God gave us talents so we can use it to cause changes in our lives, family and positively use it to affect lives and draw them to his Kingdom. Prosperity is not a product of fasting and prayer, prosperity is a product of practical efforts to adhere to God’s principles. Prosperity is a principle based lifestyle, it’s not by magic!

These Nigerian pastors with their Nigerian God should know that irrespective of your creed, faith or religion, blessings and favours follows once you start using your talents, skills and abilities positively to cause a change. By so doing, you become a blessing your sphere of influence.

Let it be said that for those who are prosperity chasers,YHWH, Jehovah, Almighty God doesn’t owe you a dime