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I know Goodluck Jonathan tried, I know our Nation is going through hard times, but thank you Buhari, for the “sweet” pains we re going through.Remain Blessed!

Nigeria is going through the refining fire! Remain Blessed!!

If your hands are in the Fulani killings in Enugu, murdering innocent seminarians like what happened early this morning,God will vindicate you, but if you’re guilty, God will yet have his judgement.Anyways, Remain blessed!

If you’re purposely appointing HAUSA’s and FULANI’s so that after you leave office, they will establish a fiefdom in government offices,I tell you, Sir! God overthrew Nebuchadnezzar, he will yet do it again.But if those plans are to usher in peace and prosperity, either ways, Remain Blessed

If you deliberately orchestrated Chibok Girls saga,God will perform what he did at Rephidim with the Israelite against the sons of Reuben. If your hands are clean, Remain Blessed.

I tell you Sir, If you have a plan to erase Christians from this country, God will yet perform “road in the sea” miracles.If Nasir El Rufai is the next President to continue the Islamic agenda, God will yet show his face on the Church. Either ways Remain Blessed.

God did it in the times of Noah,he will yet do it again in our time.I have seen God move, I have seen God’s RAW ACTS! keeping mute in the wake of a silent genocide is not a promising brand for a man who preaches change.The only CHANGE I know, comes from God.

#Psalm 16:4-5