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I usually won’t do this but Willy Jackson has been a friend and a brother. Today I decided to do a little stuff about him.

Willy Jackson 4

I first came in contact with him in my days at the Potters House Christian Fellowship Church, at Anthony Village when he was in the drama group with Gryan Mbum and Kelvin Ashuman

Willy Jackson

Willy Jackson is an energetic fellow, born into a Christian home.He’s been a professional model with Few Models and  like he says, the journey hasn’t been easy for him. His elder brother Andrew is a fitness junkie and a chess addict! while the immediate elder sister, Qnet Jackson is an entrepreneur and a Systems Engineer.

Willy Jackson 2


Willy is the goal driven fellow, always on the move with a lil bag to match and brave enough to voice out his opinions.In his recent post on instagram, Willy had this to say about how far he has come in the business of modelling;

Willy Jackson 3


There were so many times I wanted to just stop it all and crash but I learnt that being grateful for where you are and who you are at any given time is all you can do. You might not be able to control the outcome but you can control your mindset towards the outcome. Believe in yourself  YOU ARE THE BEST❗❗❗

This is to wish Willy the best in his career as a model.

Fly bro! fly!