So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur? Part 2



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 In continuation of my earlier post “So you want to be an entrepreneur“? Here’s the concluding section.Enjoy

The Entrepreneur

4. Keep Educating Yourself

Plato is popularly known for his saying that “Education is the best provision for old age. To know more, read more, and to read more and know more depends on how well you develop your interests in wanting to know more about your chosen line of business. The most powerful word in the English language is “Why.” There is nothing so powerful as an open, inquiring mind. Whatever field you choose for starting a business – be a lifelong student. The world is full of people who have stopped learning and who think they’ve got it all figured out. You’ve no doubt met some of them already – and you’ll meet plenty more. Their favorite word is “No.” They will give you a million reasons why something can’t be done or shouldn’t be done. Don’t listen to them, don’t be deterred by them, and don’t become one of them. if you want to fulfill your potential to the fullest, – and not if you want to change the world for the better than the way you met it. Educate yourself, attend seminars, get a paid tutor is need be, attend trainings, get an additional skill. Knowledge creates more avenues for wealth to be created.

5. Start Out Small

The Bible has this to say about small beginnings, Despise ye not, the days of little beginnings. In reading about some of the world’s biggest and most successful brands, One thing that almost serves as a common denominator is the simple and honest beginnings of each enterprise, Bill Gates Microsoft, Steve Jobs Apple, Tuface Idibia, GT Bank, Linda Ikeji, all started out small. The first step is to recognize a source of income, locate your target market and build upon it. The current aide of having a table, a sit and computer and an air conditioned office has left many who started out on the entrepreneurship journey stranded.

Starting out small doesn’t always have to be in a ram shack, location, it means being able to tailor your expenses in line your profit.

6. Give back.

You are ultimately responsible for your success and failure, but you only succeed if you share the reward with others. At the end of the day, ask yourself: “Am I making a difference in the lives of others?”Remember? This was one of the motivating factors why you started out. They come with the same spirit. You don’t have to be wealthy to give back. You can give back by getting involved and giving your time and talents. You just have to be committed to opening doors for others.

7. Attend To Numbers

If there’s something most consultants won’t lay emphasis on, it’s the issue of numbers! As an entrepreneur, paying attention to numbers is the first step towards making the right direction. You have to be street smart, leaving your comfort zone, your little office, get into the streets, develop a questionnaire, if you can’ t,  get a professional in market analysis to help you design one, know the facts, know the numbers, statistics is the lifeline  of every business. That’s why foreign brands would want to risk investing in Nigeria why? Because we have the ready population of say 200 Million people!

So? As an entrepreneur, here’s what should motivate you:

The urge/desire to change things for the better, taking risks and pursuing seemingly impossible ideas,



Support Slum2School Project #1000Voices Campaign


The slum2school Project 1000Voices campaign is a movement, a call for us all to support the worthy and inspiring desire of the Slum2School Project which is being driven by motivated and relentless volunteers. Currently the aim of the #1000Voices is  to send 1000 children to school come September 2013. The #1000Voices campaign is a project we should all support. Nothing is too small, every little effort counts and will be duly appreciated. As we speak, we are gradually concluding our fundraising drive and it is our hope that these videos posted her will shed more light on our recent and past activities. Please feel free to share.

To support, make a donation and visit

Slum2School Project

Otto Orondaam, with primary school children  riding in a canoe on their way to school

Hope for Transformation


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Michael Jackson

Interviewer:Black or white created so much controversy,amateur psychologists speculated that you were letting off tremendous feelings of anger’
Michael Jackson: Anger and rage are the prelude to a shift in consciousness.Unless we feel rage at some of the injustices of our society, there is no HOPE for TRANSFORMATION
Michael Jackson 1992
There is Hope for Transformation

Dear young Nigerians, the change we need doesn’t have to come from the President, the change we need is channel our collective range and anger into a positive venture.Gone are the days of receiving aids’ this is the era of birthing, creating, starting up, innovation and disruption.

''We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” Lee Ann Taylor

How? Rather than criticise blindly, begin to SUGGEST IDEAS on how a problem can become an opportunity.We must emancipate from the obscure comfort of mental laziness and launch our rage constructively to birth a spiritual and social transformation in our land.

Ideas are promiscuous- Ferdy Adimefe

Hope for Transformation! Please don’t give up yet, I need you, the world needs you, Nigeria needs that idea from you. If Nigeria doesn’t value you, for even reading this, I value,appreciate and respect the talents and abilities God has put in you.

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it ‰- Edith Wharto

No matter where you are, you can do something to make the world a better place.Rise up! dust that business idea and talk to someone about it! Somebody’s destiny is linked to your imaginative kinetics, don’t remain a ‘potential’ become a running engine!
Become an innovative disruptor.

“Becoming hurts.”
Kat Howard

Friday Bubbles #1| TGIF

Its Friday people!

The Confessions Of Willy Jackson


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I usually won’t do this but Willy Jackson has been a friend and a brother. Today I decided to do a little stuff about him.

Willy Jackson 4

I first came in contact with him in my days at the Potters House Christian Fellowship Church, at Anthony Village when he was in the drama group with Gryan Mbum and Kelvin Ashuman

Willy Jackson

Willy Jackson is an energetic fellow, born into a Christian home.He’s been a professional model with Few Models and  like he says, the journey hasn’t been easy for him. His elder brother Andrew is a fitness junkie and a chess addict! while the immediate elder sister, Qnet Jackson is an entrepreneur and a Systems Engineer.

Willy Jackson 2


Willy is the goal driven fellow, always on the move with a lil bag to match and brave enough to voice out his opinions.In his recent post on instagram, Willy had this to say about how far he has come in the business of modelling;

Willy Jackson 3


There were so many times I wanted to just stop it all and crash but I learnt that being grateful for where you are and who you are at any given time is all you can do. You might not be able to control the outcome but you can control your mindset towards the outcome. Believe in yourself  YOU ARE THE BEST❗❗❗

This is to wish Willy the best in his career as a model.

Fly bro! fly!

President Buhari, I pray you live long


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I know Goodluck Jonathan tried, I know our Nation is going through hard times, but thank you Buhari, for the “sweet” pains we re going through.Remain Blessed!

Nigeria is going through the refining fire! Remain Blessed!!

If your hands are in the Fulani killings in Enugu, murdering innocent seminarians like what happened early this morning,God will vindicate you, but if you’re guilty, God will yet have his judgement.Anyways, Remain blessed!

If you’re purposely appointing HAUSA’s and FULANI’s so that after you leave office, they will establish a fiefdom in government offices,I tell you, Sir! God overthrew Nebuchadnezzar, he will yet do it again.But if those plans are to usher in peace and prosperity, either ways, Remain Blessed

If you deliberately orchestrated Chibok Girls saga,God will perform what he did at Rephidim with the Israelite against the sons of Reuben. If your hands are clean, Remain Blessed.

I tell you Sir, If you have a plan to erase Christians from this country, God will yet perform “road in the sea” miracles.If Nasir El Rufai is the next President to continue the Islamic agenda, God will yet show his face on the Church. Either ways Remain Blessed.

God did it in the times of Noah,he will yet do it again in our time.I have seen God move, I have seen God’s RAW ACTS! keeping mute in the wake of a silent genocide is not a promising brand for a man who preaches change.The only CHANGE I know, comes from God.

#Psalm 16:4-5




The Nigerian God


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The current state of affairs in Nigeria is an eye opener that for every choice we make as a nation, there will either be a blessing or a pain attached to it. The Buhari administration has been trying to stir the nation away from sailing toward the wrong direction but alas, things are not the way they used to be. I am however confident that things will eventually get better. E’ go better abi? But one thing that worries me is the attitude displayed by our country men, an attitude of get rich quickly without trying do some mental exercise regarding the dreams and plans that we have.


For example, some Nigerian Pastor won’t talk about how Usain Bolt or Serena Williams put in hours of practice to become the success they are today. These acclaimed gospel preachers will not spend time to counsel the youths to emulate the humanitarian efforts of late Dora Akunyili, and Late Dr.Ameh Adadevoh. They will not talk on how the young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley are using technological inventions to reshape our world, how young American scientists are spending countless hours in research for a cure to a disease that’s predominantly in African

Need I mention? What about the literary exploits of Cyprian Ekwensi, SMO Aka and Ifeoma Okoye? What stops these servants of God from motivating and engaging these youths in topics that will drive them from dormancy to activation? Nigeria is watching, history is counting and posterity will be the final judge.

All around of the world, stories are been told of people who have defiled all odds and became successful through hardwork, creativity and dedication.

No! They won’t talk about them neither will they ask their members to emulate the hardworking nature and indomitable spirit of these individuals. The Nigerian Pastor would rather talk about Sister Agatha who got a job she WAS NOT THE MOST QUALIFIED for because she prayed and fasted in line with their church program.

He would rather speak about Brother John who became a millionaire because he used all of his salary as a seed in the church.

How about the magic miracle syndrome? As in the case of a certain Papa Miracle who laid his hands on 3 of his children and they  got admission in the university or a certain Iya  Esther who paid her tithe and her business expanded  everywhere across the nation, with no business plan, just boom, everywhere? Just like that? Of course God works wonders but there’s always a human effort attached to such miracles! You must have done your part either but submission or by supplication.

Assumptions like this on the “uninformed magic making nature” of God has led to a new breed of mentally lazy young people who now see God as a rewarder of mediocrity. Hear me! God is a rewarder of them that DILIGENTLY seek him, God does not reward LAZINESS and INDOLENCE!

To the Nigeria Pastor, Is paying tithes and sowing seeds in the church the only way to prosper? What ever happened to education, talent development, skill acquisition and character development? Who know why these “MOG” will never talk about those who through hardwork and dedication placed themselves on the world map.

Oh no! The Nigerian God only blesses the first 30 people that rushes to the altar to drop N100, 000 as seed offering, for that special project, Pastors birthday and some white elephant project.

The Nigeria God abhors hardwork and creative thinking, He only gives to those who sow seeds and offerings and those who shout “I am a millionaire” every morning and do nothing the rest of the day. It’s a pity that we now have legion of church goers who have conceived the idea that we go to church because we want God to do this and that rather than we can we do to expand the gospel.

Do you want God to come down and help you use the talents He gave you? And also bless you because you are going to church to shout “Daddy I receive it”? No! Please think twice, God gave us talents so we can use it to cause changes in our lives, family and positively use it to affect lives and draw them to his Kingdom. Prosperity is not a product of fasting and prayer, prosperity is a product of practical efforts to adhere to God’s principles. Prosperity is a principle based lifestyle, it’s not by magic!

These Nigerian pastors with their Nigerian God should know that irrespective of your creed, faith or religion, blessings and favours follows once you start using your talents, skills and abilities positively to cause a change. By so doing, you become a blessing your sphere of influence.

Let it be said that for those who are prosperity chasers,YHWH, Jehovah, Almighty God doesn’t owe you a dime

Volunteers Needed


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Hello guys!

Beyond the Classroom Foundation, requires volunteers for their forthcoming event on August 30th 2016 at Akoka, Bariga Lagos.

So we ask do you live in Lagos? will you free next week Tuesday? Please fill this form and join them for the event


Education is the best way to empower children, especially girls, with the tools, knowledge, strength and confidence they need to promote and protect their own rights, growth and self-sufficiency. With education, children, families, communities and even nations can break the cycle of poverty.

This month, #Btcvolunteers are raising funds and school supplies for#Set4School. The supplies will be distributed to over 500 children of Akoka Primary School.

Please donate towards it.




Please help share this message.

Nigerian Breweries and African Artists’ Foundation Unveils National Art Competition 2016 Edition


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Nigerian Breweries Plc. and African Artists’ Foundation (AAF) are pleased to announce the Call for Entries for the ninth edition of the National Art Competition, entitled Shifting Boundaries.The call for entries of the National Art Competition began today
Thursday, 25th August 2016.

This year’s theme Shifting Boundaries is an exploration of the porous, situational, and ever changing concept of the boundary through artworks that will discuss and embody what a boundary was, is, and will become in the 21st century. While we most often associate boundaries with geographical bodies and land masses, the term is applicable to many other areas as we begin to think about personal boundaries, symbolic boundaries, boundaries of time and space.

The Internet has also redefined and further influenced our ideas of what constitutes a boundary.Just as well as a boundary keeps things, people, and lands separated it also keeps these bodies together creating unity and community in some situations and havoc and chaos in others.

Shifting Boundaries is a discussion on all of these aspects, and encourages artists and makers of the country to especially question and manifest through their work what a boundary means to them with an emphasis on the shifts, changes, and transformations, that influence the boundaries of our modern world. While a shift or change in boundaries can be as minuscule as a shift in attitude or as devastating as a shift in geographical borders, the inherent root of the issue deals with change and a compliance or resistance that goes along with it.

Often neglected within this discourse is the shifting boundaries within locales.  It has been suggested that we are coming upon the end of Western Civilization, a debate that is suggestive of both the relativeness of what the ‘West’ is and also the conglomeration of a unified, boundaryless, dominant society as opposed to our antiquated and exoticized models of the East and West. Globalization, the Internet, and increasingly powerful communication technology, become key instigators as boundaries change and transform. They play a pivotal role in this cultural phenomenon, as we see distances separated by hundreds of miles converted into media and communicated in just a matter of seconds essentially making a boundary nonexistent. As boundaries rapidly shift and in some instances cease to exist, we also ask the artist to explore the concept in ways that we’ve yet to fathom particularly when exploring the dichotomy of boundaries we can physically realize and see as opposed to those that are conceptual.

The sea in itself being one of the most arduous geographical boundaries to cross but also historically speaking one of the most invaluable vehicles of cultural transmission. We find a similar comparison in the boundaries and limitations imposed by gender, race, and sexuality. Artists are asked to create works that reconcile, deconstruct, and develop the works around the theme Shifting Boundaries that address contemporary world especially as it relates to the nation, state, and society. Are we truly entering a no boundary moment? or are boundaries becoming more closed than ever.

 Interested participants are to propose in writing accompanied with a sketch, a short plan of their interpretation and creative approach to the theme. This year’s competition is open to all mediums.

Applicants will be selected based on their written proposals (50%) and the submitted sketch (50%)

We stress that PROPOSALS ONLY will be accepted.

Completed or existing art works will not be accepted and will disqualify you from the selection process.

Based on the submitted proposals, 12 finalists will be shortlisted and invited to partake in a retreat at an exclusive location which will result in the creation of works to be exhibited at the NAC Grande Finale/Exhibition.

Professor El Anatsui will head the artistic selection committee that will determine the winners this year.

All entries should be sent as a maximum 3 page PDF document (see instructions on how to submit below) along with your:

1. Name – Title First name Middle name SURNAME

2. Date of Birth

3. Present Location

4. Email Address

5. Address

6. Telephone number

7. Medium/Genre

8. Educational background

9. Present occupation

10. How did you learn about the 2016 National Art Competition?



Grand Prize: N2,000,000 + A solo show at AAF 

Winner Outstanding Concept: N1,000,000

Winner Outstanding Production: N1,000,000

Deadline for Submission of entries: 25 September, 2016

How to Submit

Each proposal should contain 3 pages ONLY with the following information:

A maximum one page pdf document with your education/exhibition history (if any) and a short bio including your name, title first name, middle name and surname, date of birth, present location, email address, telephone number, present occupation, how did you learn about the 2016 National Art Competition?

Max one page pdf document including a written proposal of how you plan to execute the theme Interventions. Kindly include details about your chosen method and medium.

Max one page (A4) sketch (mandatory) illustrating your concept. You may scan it or turn in the hard copy at AAF HQ, 3B Isiola Oyekan, Off Adeleke Adedoyin, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The pdf files should be titled as follows:

[Participant’s LAST NAME] _ [Participant’s FIRST NAME]_document title. pdf



Timi Dakolo, Oyinkan Braithwaite, And Others To Perform At Freedom Park


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Freedom Hall is celebrating  six (6) years of good music and poetry. The event will hold on Thursday this week.

On the roll call for performance is Timi Dakolo, Mode9, Brymo, Ruby Gyang, Nosa, Efe Paul, and Jafextra.

Photo Credit:Freedom Hall

Others include Isaac Gerald, Donna the Poet, Olulu the Poet, Chigurl, Tomi Odunsi,Tony Emperor, Maka, Phrance, Nana Aisha, Femi Leye, Ivori, Ayoola Mabiaku, Tari, Ruddy Tee, Maximum, Trex, Eclipse, Chief Anyanwu, Amaka, Nature, Imanse, Green Lamp, Lequse, Omolara, Oyinkan Braithwaite and many more

This event promises to be  a fun night. Bring your friends along.

Date:Thursday, August 18, 2016
Venue:1 Hospital Road, Lagos Island, Lagos

Time: 7PM

Concert is FREE (but entry into Freedom Park is N200)

EbonyLife TV Holds Audition In Port Harcourt.


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If you’re an aspiring actor/actress, then this might be that opportunity you just have been waiting for.

Find details below

Ebonylife TV Auditions

Date:August 17-18 2016

Time:9am daily

Venue:The Atrium, 28 Stadium road, Port Harcourt

For more information, visit Here